Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seeing God in a Positive Light

Personally, I'm stumped as to the reason for questioning the existence of a Higher Power, within or without ourselves. To me, individually, it makes a difference in my life to believe there's more to me than mere flesh and blood. If it seems to make no difference to others, then that's their prerogative as long as we can all live and let live in harmony. I think we're all in agreement that it's a matter of perspective, need, and ultimately, faith (understanding, not blind.)

If I AM and all that ever was or will be, then the all-knowing, all-loving God, good, exists on earth as it is in heaven. If the kingdom of God is here and now (neither lo here nor lo there,) but within, then all there is to do is learn to recognize that for what it is. If that truth holds up to the test of time, then in that light, everything which contradicts it is surely based on fear and false belief.

As for a personal Devil, or duality of God -- Mary Baker Eddy addresses this age-old belief throughout her writings. I have never seen it explained so clearly and logically anywhere else, and although I have not studied other philosophies extensively -- I have heard many people of different faiths speak of their core beliefs and inquired to learn if other theories come close to Christian Science. So far, I have found nothing quite like it. To get a whole 'nother perspective on the co-existence of good and evil, check out Healing Unlimited's article, Is there a personal devil?

Vayan con Dios, Amigos ~

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Control Conflict

Remain calm and detached. Allow others to rage while you consider the appropriate response. Should you reason, agree, apologize, fight or leave? Which is to your benefit and to the benefit of those you must protect? Arguing often makes the other party become more defensive and determined to prevail. Let go of your anger. It only clouds the issue and draws you into a quick response. Whenever possible use kindness as your weapon against evil. Neutralize shouting with soft words. Answer threats with serene confidence. Speak plainly. Don’t use foul language or sarcasm. Breathe deeply with long exhalations. Let the anger wash over you. Maintain your presence. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t lie. Attack the argument and not the person.
Long term relationships are almost always more important than short-term problems. Be an active peacemaker, building bridges of understanding.

When I am centered, calm and attuned with my instincts I am in the very best possition to achieve this principle. We can’t avoid the fact that life is full of inconsistencies, detours and other nuisances, but if we become in tune with our instincts, we see how controlling conflict is nothing less and nothing more than following our intuitive thoughts and feelings…

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Linguists at Heart

Practicing... on learn to speak the language of the heart with fluency. on 43 Things

I'm so encouraged that NVC has been a positive influence in others' lives, and very happy to have been the one to introduce it to a few of the friends I've made on 43T and elsewhere. I enjoy the camaraderie and learning we share on our NVC practice group, Synergy Communication (if only it wasn't based on Yahoo! for those who have been bit!) Here's an interesting exchange that took place there recently when a new member used an unfamiliar expression and I asked for the meaning:

Bill wrote:
> I am happy to share. Thank you for asking!
> Gassho is a Japanese word that means, more or less, "bowing with
> hands palm-to-palm". One of my teachers taught me to use it in
> letters when I wanted communicate deep respect and gratitude. I
> wanted to do that here, for I appreciate having a group of people
> that I can reach out to as I explore NVC.
> And so... Gassho!
> Bill

Once I learned its meaning, I had to know how it is pronounced so that whenever I read it in my head, I will "hear" it as it's meant to be received. According to this Japanese page, the word is pronounced with a long 'A' (gae-show) with the accent on the first syllable(?) if I'm translating correctly. So, in that light,

Gassho, Tomodachi and to all those practicing compassion in our lives!
Penne (pronounced like the coin or the pasta :),
linguist at heart learning the language of the heart

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lead by example...


Start acting immediately as the person you will be, a person of character with a sound reputation. Your words, your manner, your attitude, your dress, your posture and your actions are all reflections. In modern society, people are constantly bombarded with visual and auditory messages. People need cues to sort good from bad and to find order so that they can make decisions. In many different aspects of your daily life, you are giving off cues that can be positive or negative. If you speak well, dress appropriately, smile, are courteous, work hard, volunteer and don’t complain, you give people short cuts to view you in your best light.
You must never expect others to do what you would not do. You must be fair, firm, friendly and dependable. If you have to correct someone, do it in private. You have succeeded as a leader when your team works just as well in your absence. Be constantly on the lookout for heroes in your own life to admire and emulate. Adopt their styles. Then, lead by example.

Leadership is a fine quality to be. Notice I did not say “have”, as “having” implies the possibility of acquiring “it” or loosing “it”...However, when you lead, it does not really matter wether you have followers or not. When you are a leader, you are in command and mastery of your ship.
Sure, there are storms to navigate thru and challenges to overcome…
A leader does not loose leadership because of set backs and challenges, on the contrary, a leader learns, experiences and enjoys the results of going thru life, knowing that if all is well within…All will eventually be well without.
We might have to learn certain “acquirable” leadership qualities…but, ultimatelly, wether you or I realize it or not we ARE already leaders within…

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