Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In The Midst Of Calamity

Beyond the azure blue, there is a God concealed from human sight.. It is behind the creation of this world that humans must seek faith. Not faith limited in the context of words, but faith that is limitless through works. In the midst of calamity we must be tenacious in embracing the good in humanity, we must be tenacious in seeking the lost, we must be tenacious in being positive examples, we must not let the fate of this world be our demise. In all things we must see the good inside the bad, the glass half full instead of the heart half empty. I find comfort in knowing that compassion and benevolence exists in so many places where so much is absent, to fill that sad and uncomfortable rift that aims to tear us apart from our true purpose in life. In the midst of calamity we can become stronger, work harder, love more, have meekness, engage in prayer, are renewed in conviction, meditate and embrace the true nature of being like our Creator.


Test Post from 43T…
I just checked the choices we have for a blog, and it appears that Blogger will be, at least for now, as Blogger is the easiest and least expensive to use of the four choices.
We will be able to post directly from here (43T) however there is one thing all of us will have to do, and that is to add this blog to your particular 43T account so that you can post right from the comfort of your 43T cyber home…Of course we’ll all be able to post directly from Blogger, as we’ll all be able to access the blog directly from there as well…
One think is that I do not have a name for the blog yet, so since I really want to get the ball rolling, I will go ahead and name it All Things Good and Positive. Just for the sake of creating the account. Later on we can change the name or whatever.
The other thing I’d like you all to start thinking about is:
1. The Categories we want to post under…several come to mind:

Religion and Spirituality
Thoughts and Ideas
etc…feel free to think of catgegories, and we will add them as time and posting goes by…

2.Nothing to sweat now as we will be able to decide what goes were when we start sending posts…
3. Also, if you know anybody at 43T that would benefit from our team efforts or that you know can add to the blog/team, please feel free to invite them. Should be preferably a 43T member…We can talk more about this as time unfolds…

I am really psyched about this, as I am about 43T and other team blog situations (Boing Boing and other team blogging comes to mind…
I am also thinking long term in terms of being able to have ramifications for possibly generating income of some sort, either by having a team store, referral links, PayPal for the team, affiliate programs, etc, etc…

More posts to come…

Hello Team!

I am glad we are all here! I am looking forward to us having the greatest blog ever! LOL
Well, I seriously believe that we can achieve great things together, and that good and positive will out weight bad and negative in the end...
The thought of Lord of The Rings just popped in my head... It really was an inspiring movie to me, and I believe countless others...
I don't want to get side tracked, I just wanted to post a few things...
Please feel free to post away. I believe that we all have something great to contributer to ourselves, to others and to the communities we live in.
Feel free to be creative, witty, funny, serious, dead serious, inspiring, poetic, factual, a dreamer, a constructive critic, a praiser, or any other qualifier you feel you fit in.
And, one last thing, for now...
I don't know what I am doing either...LOL
But I am doing It. WE are doing it...

I know there are team blogs out there that have become number one in the "blogosphere"...
Why not ours? ;)

Kicking things off

Ok. I'll get things rolling here with a quote I shared with my group at work recently.

"I often marvel how it is that though each man loves himself beyond all else, he should yet value his own opinion of himself less than that of others"
Marcus Aurelius

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wooo Hooo!

We now officially have a 43Things Team blog called All Things Good and Positive!

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