Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pay Attention

This past month I've been checking out the works of Kimberly Mac, The 'Naked' Vegan ;) who presents Healthy LIVEstyle courses for incorporating into the menu, whole, natural, and living foods such as Michael Thurmond advocates in the Six Week Body Makeover, which I presented to myself as a birthday gift last year.

Kimberly recently sent me an autographed copy of Wake Up... Live the Life You Love: Finding Your Life’s Passion, a compilation of inspirational stories with co-contributors, including herself, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others. As one who has also overcome serious health challenges in the past, Kimberly's story was especially uplifting.

About twelve years ago, Kimberly was suddenly stricken with a debilitating illness, leaving her unable to walk. The doctors eventually diagnosed her with an "incurable" condition known as Fybromyalgia. Kimberly faced the spectre of living the rest of her life on drug therapy, but instead she decided to take control of her own destiny and sought out holistic methods of healing. Today Kimberly Mac is disease-free, in the best of health, and successful as a Rejuvenation and Health Educator, Best-selling Author, Certified Living Foods Chef & Instructor, Speaker and Radio Personality. Life goes on!

Another inspirational contributor to the book, Bruce Towers, sums up his positive approach to life in two brief words: Pay Attention. In his article, "Childhood Dreams, Adults Wake Up," Bruce writes:

"There's only one of us here. Energy is just another word for love. Love is all there is.

"We - for lack of a better word - are playing a game. We are pretending to be separate people. There is no you. There is no me. There's only love. We're looking in a mirror. We're talking to ourself. This appearing to be you and me is an illusion. So pay attention.

"The universe is our body. The universe is a projection, a creation, an emanation from and of our subconscious. Change the deep beliefs and feelings in our subconscious and the universe changes. Or, as Wayne Dyer likes to say, 'Change the way we look at things and the things we look at change.' We regain control of the universe by knowing, as we look at it, it's us.

"The only sane way to deal with a universe of love is with love."

Vayan con Dios {Love}, Amigos ~

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