Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm Grateful For...

New Wings' remembrances and encouragement of me & my goals!! I adore the bright, sunny "Gratitude Journal" graphic on your 43T entries. Is that your own unique design? God is Love, and truly All I need to feel fulfilled in my heart all year long.

Vayan con Dios, Amigos

May you all have a Happy V day! on grow spiritually on 43 Things

Hi there penne...I hate to ask again, but why do you ask me that question? :P
Hola, Ed ~ Because the graphic struck me as beautiful and I thought it must have come from a positive imagination such as yours :)
Btw, did you ask me that question before? Enjoy your day, Amigo!
Oh, yes, I asked it on 43T the same day LOL - guess I'll post a duplicate answer there ;) I'm working in the garden and spring cleaning, so my Internet time is taking a backseat. My regrets for the confusion -- silly me. Vaya con Dios, Amigo
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